Abacus dx ASMICRO 2024 Showcase


Abacus dx creates value by connecting innovative global suppliers with Australasian customers Find out more about our innovative solutions through our suppliers in infectious diseases, serology, and molecular microbiology: Vircell, CerTest, Immunexpress, Quantimetrix and IMMY. 

Come see us at booths 15 to learn about our key products: ​​​​​​

  • VirClia® Lotus instrument from Vircell – fully automated, ideal for esoteric infectious serology.
  • CerTest VIASURE® PCR and rapid tests – easy-to-use and flexible kits.
  • Immunexpress – pioneered the technology that analyses the immune system to rapidly detect sepsis.
  • Quantimetrix – ready-to-use, high-quality third party controls.
  • IMMY – high-quality infectious disease reagents for cryptococcus, aspergillus, histoplasma, coccidioides, and Blastomyces.

Vircell is a biotechnology company specialised in the development and production of ready to use reagents for human infectious diseases. Vircell offers a wide range of references for the detection of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi by ELISA, chemiluminescence, direct and indirect immunofluorescence, immunocapture agglutination, cell culture and molecular biology (oligochromatography and PCR controls).

Vircell Virclia Hepatitis E Flyer Download Here →
Vircell Virclia Invasive Candidiasis (Cagta) Flyer Download Here →

As an independent biotech company, CerTest lead the clinical diagnostic sector for rapid tests for the detection of viruses, bacteria and parasites. CerTest also offer the VIASURE product range that contains a wide range of products for Real Time PCR that identify the causal pathogens of the infectious diseases.

CerTest VIASURE Catalogue  Download Here →

SeptiCyte® RAPID revolutionizes sepsis diagnosis and treatment, with actionable results available in an hour. SeptiCyte®RAPID can determine the likelihood of sepsis and differentiate from non-infectious systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) in critically ill patients. The test, which uses a small volume of blood, can be performed easily in any hospital lab with the Biocartis Idylla™ molecular testing system. 

Immunexpress SeptiCyte Brochure Download Here →
Immunexpress Poster – Accurate Sepsis Identification Using SeptiCyte Rapid and Other Biomarkers of Systemic Inflammation  Download Here →
Immunexpress Poster – Performance of SeptiCyte Rapid for Determining Probability of Sepsis in Immunocompromised Patients Download Here →

Quantimetrix designs, develops, and manufactures laboratory quality products in California, USA. They are leaders in the field of liquid-stable quality control products.

Quantimetrix Product Catalogue SeptiCyte Brochure Download Here →

IMMY’s product line is made up of several diagnostic platforms that detect antibodies and antigens for various fungal organisms. Their Cryptoccocal antigen Lateral Flow Assay is the only one of its kind on the market. Redefine ARB Processing with IMMY Myco DDR™ – Digestion/Decontamination Reagents for the recovery of Mycobacterium.

Aspergillus GM lateral flow assay Download Here →

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