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Abacus dx a leading distributor of specialised pathology instrumentation, is thrilled to promote its recent collaboration with Nikon Australia’s Healthcare, a global leader in microscopy and imaging solutions. Abacus dx has solutions for a range of diagnostics including: Anatomical Pathology, Cancer Diagnostics, Genetics, Autoimmunity, Endocrinology, Infectious Disease, and Sepsis management.

Visit our team on booth 16 & 17 to learn more about the latest technologies and innovations in digital pathology, cancer diagnosis, advanced Carrier Screening for genetic conditions, and measurable residual disease solutions.

Nikon offers high-quality upright microscopes that are optimised for repeated use, with advanced design features that maximise usability and comfort. These microscopes provide both clear, high-resolution images, superior colour reproduction across a wide field of view; and can be shared remotely in real-time for virtual consults and other purposes. 

Abacus dx is proud to distribute Nikon Healthcare microscopes in Australia and New Zealand, visit our stand to find out more.

Nikon ECLIPSE Ui Brochure Download Here →
Nikon ECLIPSE Ci-L Plus Brochure Download Here →
Nikon ECLIPSE Ci Upright Clinical Microscopes Download Here →
Nikon microscope objectives Brochure Download Here →
Nikon NIS Elements Brochure  Download Here →
Nikon Digital Sight series microscopes Brochure Download Here →


Milestone is a leading provider of innovative histology solutions in six different fields: Frozen Section, Cytology, Sample Handling, Tissue Processing, Macro Digital and Reagents. All products aim to help patients and to create a better laboratory environment for the medical staff of both the anatomical pathology and surgical rooms.

Milestone MacroPATH Brochure Download Here →
Milestone UltraSAFE Brochure Download Here →

Biocartis is an innovative molecular diagnostics company committed to revolutionise molecular testing with its unique Idylla platform. The Idylla platform is a fully automated sample-to-result, real-time PCR system that offers accurate, highly reliable molecular information from virtually any biological sample, in any setting, allowing fast and effective treatment selection.

Biocartis Idylla PIK3CA-AKT1 Mutation Assay Flyer Download Here →
Biocartis APIS Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit Brochure Download Here →

Devyser are specialists when it comes to complex DNA testing within hereditary diseases and oncology with products used to guide targeted cancer therapies and enable rapid prenatal diagnostics. Included in their portfolio is the BRCA NGS kit for detection of BRCA1 and BRCA2 variants in germline and somatic samples, as well as their alpha and beta Thalassemia NGS one-tube solution.

Devyser Product Overview Flyer Download Here →
Devyser RHD Flyer Download Here →

Invivoscribe provides a comprehensive selection of PCR-based gene rearrangement, chromosome translocation, and gene mutation Research Use Only testing reagents and controls. They also provide CE-marked in vitro diagnostic products that are used to identify, classify and monitor leukemias, lymphomas and other lymphoproliferative diseases.

Invivoscribe Product Catalogue Download Here →
Invivoscribe Hematological Test Menu Flyer Download Here →
Invivoscribe Minimal Residual Disease publication Flyer Download Here →


Asuragen’s molecular assays are designed to provide streamlined workflow and ease of use and is comprised of two product portfolios; Genetics and Oncology. The genetics portfolio includes assays aiding in the detection of the FMR1 and C9orf72 gene, while the Oncology assays use molecular methods ranging from qPCR to NGS to assist our understanding of cancer.

Asuragen AmplideX Nanopore Carrier Plus Kit Brochure Download Here →
Asuragen AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit Download Here →

ZytoVision® is an innovative company focused on the development and production of high quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic products of prognostic, predictive and therapeutic value, primarily for tumour diagnosis, based on the technique of in situ hybridization. They pride themselves on having the largest portfolio of up-to-date FISH and CISH probes covering solid tumour, haematology genetics and human pathogen viruses for research and diagnostics.

ZytoVision Product Brochure 2023 + 2024 Download Here →
ZytoVision FISH Signal Evaluation Guideline Brochure Download Here →

Mindray believes each test you do is important, because each patient is important. As the majority of healthcare decisions are based on laboratory tests, it’s more critical than ever that you are able to trust your results.

Mindray empowers this trust through technology, innovation, and their commitment to the advancement of in-vitro diagnostics science. Mindray has developed reliable and robust solutions to empower trust, delivering accurate results while meeting increasing demands on efficiency in laboratories worldwide. 

Mindray BC-760 and BC-780 Brochure Download Here →
Mindray BC-6800Plus Brochure Download Here →
Mindray LabXpert Brochure Download Here →

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