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Abacus dx creates value by connecting innovative global suppliers with Australasian customers. We are market leaders in automation for allergy and autoimmunity with the Thermo Fisher range of Phadia™ Laboratory Systems to optimize workflow efficiency for accurate, reproducible test results.

With over 550 whole allergens and over 100 allergen components, clinicians can identify allergic triggers, differentiate between primary sensitization and cross-reactivity, assess the risk for systemic reactions, and determine allergens for successful immunotherapy.

“Gold standard testing technology you can trust”

Thermo Fisher Scientific ImmunoCAP Allergy tests

As a global leader in allergy and autoimmune disease diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to providing accurate, clinically relevant testing solutions to aid in the proper disease diagnosis and patient management.

ImmunoCAP Specific IgE is the worldwide gold standard in in vitro allergy diagnostics designed to aid providers in the diagnosis of allergic diseases including allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food allergies, with more than 550 whole allergens and allergen mixes, and 100 allergen components available.

Allergen Encyclopedia View Here →
Thermo Fisher Product Catalogue 2022 Download Here →

ImmunoCAP Go Molecular books

Visit our booth at the ASCIA meeting, Booth 31, to get access to the digital  Thermo Fisher Go Molecular books Part 1. The Basics and Part 2. The Allergen Components.

Thermo Fisher Go Molecular Books Part 1 : The Basics Visit Booth 31 
Thermo Fisher Go Molecular Books Part 2 : The Allergen Components Download Here →

ImmunoCAP Specific IgE and IgG

As pioneers in allergy diagnostics Thermo Fisher Scientific have more than 50 years of experience in allergen production and specific IgE product development with products documented in more than 6,000 publications and referenced in multiple health guidelines.

Quality aspects on IgE antibody testing Download Here →
Quantifying IgG4 antibodies with ImmunoCAP Specific IgG Download Here →
Quantifying IgG antibodies with ImmunoCAP Specific IgG4 Download Here →

ImmunoCAP components

More than 100 allergen components help clinicians differentiate between primary sensitization and cross-reactivity, assess the risk for systemic reactions, and determine allergens for successful immunotherapy.

The Relevance of Ara h 6 in Peanut Allergy Download Here →
Component-resolved diagnostics in pet allergy Download Here →
ImmunoCAP Allergen Components Peanut Download Here →
Improve diagnosis of severe sesame allergy Download Here →
Suspicion of hazelnut allergy Download Here →
ImmunoCAP Allergen Peach Test Algorithm Download Here →
The role of Pru p 7 in severe peach allergy Download Here →

ImmunoCAP Spring allergy and asthma 

Molecular Allergology: Getting it right the first time with component-resolved diagnostics to control allergic rhinitis and improve asthma outcome. Use ImmunoCAP Total IgE and Specific IgE tests with both Whole Allergens and Allergen Components to improve the diagnosis before management.

Seasonal spring allergy Download Here →
Knowing The Connection : Molecular Allergology Download Here →
Allergic Rhinitis: Components Download Here →
House dust mite Download Here →

Phadia Automation

Phadia™ Laboratory Systems are platforms specifically designed for diagnostic testing. These scalable systems, made to fit your laboratory needs today and into the future, aid in the diagnosis of allergy and autoimmune diseases.

Phadia™ 2500: Made to maximise Download Here →
Phadia™ 250: Made to flex Download Here →
Phadia™ 200: Made to measure Download Here →

EliA autoimmune

Thermo Fisher Scientific EliA portfolio offers one of the broadest portfolios on the market, consisting of clinically relevant markers developed into the highest quality tests to support in the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, potentially improving patient outcomes.

EliA test algorithms for autoimmunity diagnostics Download Here →


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