Abacus dx TSANZ 41st Annual Scientific Meeting

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Abacus dx creates value by connecting innovative global suppliers with Australasian customers. Visit our table to find out more about our solutions for human genetics testing (inherited or acquired), the latest technologies, and innovations in transplantation molecular monitoring. Abacus dx is proud to partner with high quality molecular diagnostics manufacturer Devyser who provide accurate and reliable solutions for post-transplantation monitoring.

A single-tube NGS assay for detection of dd-cfDNA, with high sensitivity.

Devyser Accept cfDNA is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) assay that can be used to detect donor derived cell free DNA (dd-cfDNA) in a blood sample.

The assay has been designed with 50 highly informative indel markers, that are population independent and employs Devyser’s proven workflow for NGS which enables ease of use and minimal hands-on time.

The dedicated software employs streamlined data analysis and bioinformatics. An intuitive interface allows for a user-friendly management of sequencing output and results presentation.



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