Important changes to ordering of ImmunoCAP c7 Ceflaclor PU14533601

Last updated: 09th February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Abacus dx would like to advise we will be changing the ordering schedule for Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP c7 Ceflaclor to a 3 monthly ordering schedule =. This new ordering system will allow you to better manage stock levels and use caps more efficiently.

Due to the manufacturing and stability limitations of ImmunoCAP c7 Ceflaclor, we will place an order with Thermo Fisher for shipment of the product mid-month in the quarterly period. The caps will be shipped as a special “urgent” shipment from Thermo Fisher and arrive at abacus dx within 1-2 weeks and will have approximately only 1 month expiry.

New ordering schedule and customer purchase order requirements: 

Order quarter

Shipment date from Thermo Fisher

Approx arrival date

When to place your order


February week 2

February week 4

February week 1


May week 2

May week 4

May week 1


August week 2

August week 4

August week 1


November week 2

November week 4

November  week 1


Ordering information:
PU14533601   ImmunoCap c7 Cefaclor – 10 caps

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