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New Randox Liquid Lipid Control

Last updated: 05th February, 2018

Randox Quality Control is pleased to announce the addition of our Acusera Liquid Lipid control to their comprehensive QC portfolio. The Acusera Liquid Lipid Control has been developed to provide a true third party solution for the measurement of the complete Lipid profile. This control has been designed to deliver an unbiased, independent assessment of analytical performance to help ensure accurate and reliable patient testing.

With a 30-day open vial stability and a 2-year shelf life the Acusera Liquid Lipid control will reduce waste, whilst remaining easy and convenient to use. Three distinct levels are available covering the required clinically relevant decision levels, eliminating the need to purchase additional high and low level controls.


  • Liquid for ease of use
  • 100% human serum ensuring commutability and minimising shifts when changing reagent lots
  • Assayed target values provided, eliminating the need to assign values in-house
  • True third party control providing unbiased performance assessment
  • Stable to expiry at 20oC to -80oC
  • Open vial stability of 30 days at 2oC to 8oC, reducing waste and saving time on expensive validation tests

Ordering Information:

Description Size Cat. No.
Liquid Lipid Control Level 1 5 x 3ml LE10174
Liquid Lipid Control Level 2 5 x 3ml LE101175
Liquid Lipid Control Level 3 5 x 3ml  LE10176

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