Randox true third party Urine Controls

Last updated: 05th November, 2019

Randox Acusera Urine Controls are designed with user experience in mind and to provide confidence in results. All of our Urine Controls are made from 100% human urine, meaning you can guarantee accurate and reliable results time and time again. 

Abacus dx distributes Randox in New Zealand only.

Key Benefits of Randox Urine Controls

Acusera Urine Controls are made from 100% human urine, therefore designed to react to your test system in the same manner as a patient sample, delivering confident and accurate results.

Offering complete commutibility Acusera Urine Controls are accompanied by highly accurate and reliable assigned target values, with minimal lot to lot value shifts, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming in-house value reassignment.

Randox Urine Quality Controls

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