Sebia – high-resolution haemoglobin screening method

Last updated: 30th April, 2024


Haemoglobinopathies, such as sickle cell disease and alpha/beta thalassemia major, are prevalent genetic disorders that affect the protein part of haemoglobin (Hb). With a growing global disease burden, accurate and rapid diagnosis of these conditions is crucial for optimal management and genetic counseling. ​

Sebia*, a leading provider of diagnostic solutions, offers a revolutionary high-resolution haemoglobin screening method that is transforming the field of genetic testing. ​

Sebia’s Hb screening methods key features

  • Fully automated haemoglobin testing
    Load-and-go workflow improves efficiency and reduces hands-on-time.
  • High-resolution
    High-resolution separation indicates patient variant status with color coded profiles for quick result validation.
  • Accurate and precise
    Approved for quantitation of common Hb variants, Hb F and Hb A2 for thalassemia screening.
  • On-board identification assistance
    Simplified presumptive identification using zones with the built-in Hb variant library and x-migration positions.
  • Easy-to-use
    Whole-blood, capped tubes with automated on-board sample mixing eliminates.

The Capillary Electrophoresis technology provides a fully automated workflow, reducing hands-on time and improving efficiency in laboratories. ​The high-resolution separation allows for quick and accurate identification of patient variant status, with color-coded profiles for easy result validation. ​

The system is approved for quantitation of common Hb variants, Hb F, and Hb A2, enabling effective thalassemia screening. ​ Additionally, the built-in Hb variant library and on-board identification assistance simplify presumptive identification. ​

Easy detection of common and rare haemoglobin variants

Learn more about Sebia’s Hb screening method solution

Sebia’s haemoglobin screening method offers numerous benefits to laboratories and clinicians. ​The easy-to-use system eliminates the need for manual processing, while the automated on-board sample mixing ensures consistent and reliable results. ​With Sebia’s broad range of Capillary instruments, laboratories can find a tailored solution to meet their specific workload requirements. ​

​By providing accurate and rapid diagnosis, this innovative technology enables optimal management of affected individuals and offers valuable genetic counseling and reproductive options for carriers.

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* Abacus dx is the exclusive distributor for Sebia in Australia.

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