SEBIA: Hydrasys 2 Systems

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The Sebia Hydrasys 2 Scan is a compact multi-parameter system for all your agarose electrophoresis gels. The Hydrasys 2 Scan provides the next steps in full gel traceability; the analysis and reading.

Comprehensive Menu:

  • Proteins and Immunofixation
  • Iso-enzymes, B2 Transferrin
  • LDH/HDL Cholesterol, Lipoproteins
  • Isofocusing: CSF, A1AT

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Automation of Electrophoresis:

  • Preparation and automatic sample pipetting
    – ASSIST Module

  • Automatic for all assays
    – Sample application, migration, staining/de-staining and drying
  • Isofocusing Module also available


Gel Reading:

  • Integrated GELSCAN Densitometer
    – High resolution CCD sensor

  • High throughput: 54-sample gel / 40 seconds



  • Interpretation and results validation
  • Multi-criteria search function; including patient result history
  • SQL Client/Server database
    – Networking of all Sebia Instruments, within a laboratory and between distant sites
    – Decentralised validation
    – Unlimited storage capacity patient database

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