Cytognos Summer Update

Last updated: 18th November, 2021

Products are for professional/laboratory use only. New monoclonal antibodies directed against kappa and lambda chains are now available from Cytgnos to compliment the high-quality polyclonal range.  See also the EuroFlow posters of workflow and panel selection for HaemOnc and PID investigations.

New recombinant monoclonal antibodies against Kappa and Lambda light chains

More flexibility in your panel construction: monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies available.

Cytognos’ new anti-kappa and lambda light chain antibodies have been developed using recombinant technology to ensure reproducibility between batches.

Advantages of monoclonal antibodies:

  • Higher specificity
  • Reduced nonspecific labeling
  • Reduced cross-reactivity
  • Greater reproducibility guaranteed
  • Reduced batch-to-batch variability

Advantages of polyclonal antibodies:

  • Higher affinity
  • Higher robustness
  • Greater tolerance to small changes such as polymorphisms

Kappa Product Details

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Lambda Product Details

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EuroFlow™ stepwise onco-hematology and PID workflows

Cytognos, as an EuroFlow™ supporting company has developed completely standardized solutions based on their methodology to help you give the better patient care and improve your laboratory efficiency. Download now the EuroFlow™ stepwise onco-hematology and PID workflows prepared by our team just for you.

EuroFlow PID Antibody Panels

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EuroFlow Antibody Panels

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