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Last updated: 28th October, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Infinicyt analysis software solutions

Massive files, more parameters, more complexity! What is the solution?

Flow cytometry investigations are evolving continuously with expectations to acquire and analyse more events and more parameters. And with bigger files comes increased analytical complexity with more gating, finer population characterisation and deeper rare event analysis. So how can we keep up?

The unique and innovative analysis tools embedded in Infinicyt give you the diagnostic power and control to manage these challenges – now and into the future.

Infinicyt Features

  • Intuitive free-hand gating
    See it, gate it, click to assign. No quadrants – uses ‘comparison to normal’ approach
  • Innovative analysis tools
    Multidimensional analysis plots – 2D and 3D PCA embedded, reference imaging, clustering, file merging, statistic plots, batch analysis, compass tool, maturation tool’



  • Super-efficient CPU usage
    Superior speed for managing massive files (eg 10+ million events), multiple files, unlimited parameters, unlimited gates, special analysis tools
  • Analysing files from any cytometer
    Including spectrum profiling and mass cytometry systems
  • Interfacing with LIS and internet
    Options to report directly or via the LIS. Remote access
  • Database comparison
    For selected IVD assays (Cytognos LST, ALOT, PIDOT and MM MRD) you have the option of automated, expert-guided gating, identification and reporting using EuroFlow databases of normal and abnormal

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