FA-Tech – Considering a FA-Tech Vega solution?

Last updated: 19th February, 2024

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Vega Laser Cassette Printers – enhances traceability and ensures comprehensive sample identification through high resolution reliable printing.

Epredia’s Laser Cassette Printers encompass the power of laser technology to enable superior printing capabilities and precision to your lab!

  • High Resolution 600dpi printing allows for up to 100 characters to be included in 2D barcodes for cassettes.
  • Fast Print Speed can improve laboratory workflow.
  • Small Benchtop Printers can fit easily into existing laboratory workstations.
  • Laser Technology does not require additional consumables for maintenance.

Laser Optimised Cassettes
Designed to achieve optimal performance with Vega and Nova laser cassette printers.​​​​

Improve Traceability

  • Include up to 100 characters in 2D barcodes for enhanced sample identification.
  • High resolution, durable barcodes resist most chemical treatments.

Save Time

  • Efficient laser printing produces cassettes every five seconds.
  • Intelligent cassette selection from six-hopper or eight-hopper carousel.
  • Optional accessories to ensure optimal laboratory workflow.

Enhance Laboratory Workflow

  • Full Laboratory Information System integration.
  • Laser technology requires few consumables and no ink printer accessories.



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