SealSAFE – automated fixative addition plus vacuum sealing of biospecimens

Last updated: 03rd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The traditional procedures of collection, transportation and archiving of pathology specimens are specific at each institution.  The introduction of SealSAFE technology at the starting point of sample generation (the surgery room), pathology accessioning, and in the grossing area provides a dynamic and flexible solution with benefits to all involved departments.
Installing a SealSAFE unit in the pathology laboratory enables maximum flexibility for specimen management. In addition, SealSAFE reusable vacuum storage bags allow for multiple opening and sealing events.
The specimen is received in a standardized fixative quantity or in “as fresh” conditions. The sampling and grossing procedure are therefore carried out without modification of the current procedures.

Well-fixed tissues can be sealed with minimal amounts of formalin or simply with vacuum to achieve drastic cost and space savings.

Benefits of SealSAFE:

Standardization and Quality
Always the right amount of formalin according to the specimen weight. Optimized fixation and histological results.
Less formalin
Reduce the volume of this toxic reagent through more efficient and standardized formalin/specimen ratios.
Full automation and closed operation prevents exposure to formalin fumes.
Improved archiving
Storage in vacuum bags dramatically reduces volume. Archiving even without formalin is possible.
Extreme cost saving for disposal
Lower disposal cost thanks to a decreased volume of bio-hazard material with vacuum bags.


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