Cell Marque IHC

Take control of your IHC staining

Last updated: 06th July, 2016

Cell Marque™ offers an extensive array of positive control slides that correspond with the majority of our antibody portfolio. Each tissue block is selected and reviewed by a certified pathologist in order to provide our customers with quality assurance and the best overall experience when testing and validating their antibodies.  Take control of your IHC staining.

The Cell Marque™ control slide portfolio offers:

  • FFPE human tissues
  • Positively charged slides
  • Tissue cut optimally at 4µ
  • Guaranteed antigenicity
  • 36 month shelf life
  • Five unstained slides per pack
  • Availability of rare and viral infected tissues
  • Increased confidence in antibody performance
  • Assistance with validation of new antibodies
  • Improved quality control of internal tissue

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