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Last updated: 20th February, 2020

Tecan HydroFlex™ 3-in-1 96-Well Microplate Washer

The HydroFlex microplate washer is a truly flexible and upgradeable platform for automated microplate strip washing, magnetic bead washing and vacuum filtration in 96-well plate formats. 

It is an ideal solution for a wide range of cell-, bead- and ELISA-based applications, reflecting over 30 years of Tecan expertise in advanced liquid handling.

Integrated application flexibility

Every HydroFlex™  washer comes with microplate shaking and automated buffer switching included, ready for ELISA washing and gentle washing of cells.In addition, optional user-interchangeable plate carriers are available for easy switching between washing and filtration applications. For magnetic bead washing, the HydroFlex uses a patented carrier design with two neodymium magnets per well, ensuring efficient bead settling.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Ready for automated washing of ELISAs, cells and protein arrays
  • Magnetic bead washing using powerful neodymium magnets
  • Two magnets per well for efficient bead settling (patented design)
  • Automated system for vacuum filtration using vacuum sensor
  • Individual vacuum settings for each filtration step within a protocol
  • Control of wash head positions and speed settings for gentle cell washing
  • Up to two aspiration points per well for minimal residual volumes
  • Simultaneous aspiration and dispensing for ELISA washing
  • Automated buffer switching and plate shaking capabilities
  • Controls up to four wash buffers
  • Ready for robotic integration
  • Tested reliability to minimize maintenance and service costs
  • IQ/OQ procedures available
  • Designed to meet the IVD-directive 98/79/EC and 2011/65/EU RoHS (reduction of hazardous substances)
  • Supports FDA 21 CFR Part 11 functionality together with HydroControl™ software

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