New IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System

Last updated: 29th June, 2018
Live-Cell Analysis Inside Your Incubator

See what your cells are doing and when they do it with the IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System.

Change can happen in an instant. Whether simply assaying cell health or more complex processes like migration, invasion, or immune cell killing, the Next-Generation IncuCyte® S3 System, reagents and consumables allow you to continuously see what happened and when it happened — without ever removing your cells from the incubator.

The next-generation IncuCyte S3 accommodates multiple users and applications seamlessly and combines information-rich, image-based analysis with the convenience and throughput of microplate assays.

The S3 offers a simple, flexible, yet powerful workflow to support an entire research team around the clock with added new features that include…

  • A completely redesigned intuitive interface for ease of use
  • A streamlined workflow from experimental set-up to analysis and reporting
  • Automated data processing tools to generate publication – and presentation-ready graphs with just a few clicks
  • Flexibility to accommodate multiple users and run multiple applications in parallel
  • Remotely accessible data for any user via unlimited, free networked licenses

Never miss powerful insights again, with the NEXT-GENERATION IncuCyte® S3 live-cell analysis system and reagents.


See the New IncuCyte S3 in action

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IncuCyte S3 — Key Features

IncuCyte transforms research into a complete and powerful workflow that supports your entire research team — day and night.

  • Simple, flexible sample prep.  Utilize IncuCyte reagents with your choice of vessels for minimal cell perturbance
  • Set up & walk away.  Set up automated acquisition and analysis parameters with confidence – no need to pre-define the assay endpoint
  • Acquire images as long as you like.  Automatically acquire images for hours, days, or weeks
  • View and analyze in real-time.  Powerful image visualization and analysis tools enable real-time decision-making


Discover the IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System

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