WEBINAR: CAR T-cell Therapy and Bispecific Antibodies – Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy

Last updated: 12th December, 2018

Various immunotherapies have shown anticancer promise, but their targeted nature limits the scope of their action and applicability.  CAR T-cell therapy and bispecific antibodies are two approaches that have:

  1. Addressed the targeting of more than one epitope
  2. Redirected T lymphocytes to kill tumour cells
  3. Improved efficacy in solid tumour types

For a closer look at the design, development, and success of CAR T-cell therapy and bispecific antibodies, a panel of experts come together to discuss their research and share insights into the potential these therapeutics hold in the fight against various tumour types.

Topics Covered:

  • Molecular mechanism of PD-L1 regulation in cancer cells
  • Immunosuppressive nature of triple negative breast cancer 
  • Using in vitro co-culture system to analyse T cell-mediated cancer cell killing effect

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