Webinar: Development of sensitive ADA assays using automated acid dissociation in Gyrolab Mixing CD 96

Last updated: 10th April, 2019

Measuring Anti-Drug-Antibody (ADA) levels is an important part of developing new biologics. The clinical implication of the presence of anti-drug-antibodies in treated patients may include allergic reactions, immune complex toxicity, autoimmune reactions and reduction of efficacy.

Recently regulatory agencies have lowered the sensitivity requirement for ADA detection, from 250-500 ng/mL to 100 ng/mL. To reach such sensitivity levels without affecting the assay drug tolerance, sample pre-treatment steps may be necessary. Gyrolab ADA Solution streamlines ADA assay workflows and automates acid dissociation steps to improve sensitivity and drug tolerance of ADA assays while reducing variability and saving time.

In this webinar,Sarah Collomb from Novimmune SA will present an example of the development of a pre-clinical ADA assay using Gyrolab Mixing CD 96.

John Chappell, Application & Service Director EMEA and Asia Pacific, Gyros Protein Technologies

Sarah Collomb, Research Assistant, Novimmune SA

Date: Tuesday, 16th April, 2019
          Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

Time: Tuesday, 16th April, 6:00pm AEST

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Time: Wednesday, 17th April, 2:00am AEST

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