Luminex xMAP Beads Sale

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Abacus dx is pleased to offer a special discount on Luminex xMAP Beads.

Luminex xMAP beads cover an extensive range of protein and nucleic acid-based multiplex assays, and detection of up to 500 targets in a single run.

Significant Advantages

  • Development of custom assays

  • Small sample size

  • Saves time and reagents

  • Expanding your understanding of complex biological systems

Luminex offers xMAP beads in different formats tailored for your xMAP instrument (xMAP Technology), including magnetic (MagPlex) and non-magnetic (MicroPlex) beads. Further information can be downloaded with the xMAP Cookbook 5th Edition for detailed instructions on designing, creating, optimizing, and validating your xMAP assays.

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Discount only applies to new orders received on or prior to 30 September 2022 and does not apply to existing orders.
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