Asuragen Launches CFTR Assay

Last updated: 17th December, 2021

Products are for professional/laboratory use only. 

Abacus dx is pleased to announce the launch of the latest assay from Asuragen: AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit. The launch of this kit allows for analysis of three gene carrier screening using Asuragen assays.

The AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit* brings the simplicity and scalability of AmplideX technology to CFTR variant detection. Offering the streamline detection of 67 pathogenic variants, this assay is optimised for use on widely established laboratory equipment and delivers genotype results from DNA in under five hours.

Reduced complexity

  • Broad coverage provided using only PCR/CE workflow
  • Similar testing process to AmplideX PCR/CE FMR1 and SMN1/2 Plus kits eases implementation and potential to co-inject
  • Streamlined data analysis via AmplideX Reporter software (included)

Optimised workflow

  • Easy-to-use workflow with few hands on steps
  • Flexible use on widely installed CE equipment
  • <5 hrs from DNA to data

Quality results

  • Detects complex yet key CFTR mutations (CNVs, STRs, SNPs, INDELS) and resolves zygosity
  • Excellent concordance with other methods


Ordering information

Product Code Product Description
ASA00076 AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit, 50 reactions
ASA00077 AmplideX PCR/CE CFTR Kit, 100 reactions

*Research Use Only

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