Idylla NRAS-BRAF Mutation Test receives CE-marking

Last updated: 18th September, 2018

Idylla™ offers complete CE-marked RAS testing for metastatic CRC.

The existing Idylla™ KRAS Mutation Test in combination with the new Idylla™ NRAS-BRAF Mutation Test enables the detection 39 mutations in the NRAS and KRAS genes and 5 mutations in the BRAF gene according to CAP/AMP/ASCO, NCCN and ESMO guidelines

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  • Directly on FFPE
  • Detecting 23 relevant mutations
  • equal to or less than 5% sensitivity*
  • Sample-to-result within 2 hours
  • less than two minutes hands-on time


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Available in New Zealand only.


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