Ambu Defib Trainer System W

  • Ambu Defib Trainer System W 1

the Ambu Defib Trainer W is an advance instruction and training manikin that has been designed for training early defibrillation with AED’s, semi-automatic and manual defibrillators.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Lifelike Training – The ambu Defib Trainer W is a wireless, cable free manikin. Therefore it can be placed away from computers and power supplies. This provides the user with an even greater feeling of realistic training sessions. The rigidity of the chest is adjustable. In that way the trainees can train on different body builds
  • No Risk of Cross Infections – Ambu Defib Trainer W has an incorporated unique, patented hygienic system under which all trainees get their own face piece and head bag, minimizing any risk of cross-infection between the trainees. The hygienic system also features realistic expiration from the Cardiac Care Trainer through the mouth and nose.
  • CPR Software – The Ambu Software is part of the wireless system in the defib Trainer W. Ambu ECG Box simulates as many as 26 rhythems and 2 artefacts, and can automatically detect defibrillation. Ambu Defib Trainer has flexible defib electrodes that allows for training with all lending brands of defibrillators.


Product Code: A265307000.
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