Blood Collection Sets

  • blood-collection-sets
  • Blood Collection Sets
  • Blood Collection Sets
  • Blood Collection Sets


Automated in-vein retraction effectively reduces the risk of needlestick injuries and blood exposure

  • Finger grips allow for handling ease
  • Trigger indicator is color coded for needle gauge
  • Needle is retracted directly from patient, virtually eliminating exposure to contaminated needle
  • Clear body allows for flashback visualization
  • Needle retraction clamps tubing, reducing the risk of exposure to blood
  • Automatic safety mechanism
  • Pre-removal activation virtually eliminates exposure to needle
  • One-handed activation
  • Trigger mechanism reduces the risk of inadvertent activation
  • Remains safe through disposal
  • Trigger design reduces the risk of inadvertent activation
  • Kink-resistant tubing available in 7” and 12” lengths
  • Includes removable luer adapter
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Not made with DEHP or PVC
  • May be used for short-term infusion (up to 2 hours)
  • Easy to use, requires minimal training
  • Safe and effective for patients

24011    25G                3/4”              7”                  Orange 
24021    23G               3/4”              7”                  Deep Blue 
24031    21G               3/4”              7”                   Deep Green 
24111     25G               3/4”             12”                  Orange 
24121    23G               3/4”             12”                  Deep Blue 
24131    21G               3/4”              12”                 Deep Green 

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