CentraLineMan System with Articulating Head – CLM-51

  • CentraLineMan System with Articulating Head – CLM-51 1
  • CentraLineMan System with Articulating Head - CLM-51


CentraLineMan is a Central Venous Catheterization training solution that allows medical professionals to practice catheter placement using real-time ultrasound guidance. This central line trainer offers the best value with durable tissues that will endure repeated use. Studies have shown that standardized central line training can result in central line error reduction. As the importance of medical simulation becomes more and more evident, CentraLineMan offers a cost-effective method to improve patient safety.

Skill Development
  • Teach Central Venous Catheterization, using Subclavian, Supraclavicular, and Internal Jugular approaches
  • Learn to use ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Gain an understanding about the landmarks significant to the procedure
Features and Benefits
  • Excellent for ultrasound guided central venous access hands-on training 
  • Anatomically correct task trainer with landmarks
  • Differentiates arterial and venous blood to show positive or negative results
  • Self sealing veins and skin for multiple cannulations
  • Replaceable tissues allow for multiple uses
  • Arterial pulse and proper landmarks are present to help avoid and detect errors

Product Components:

  • CentraLineMan Torso
  • Replaceable Tissue (CLMT-50)
  • Articulating Head (AH-10)
  • Vessel Filling Port
  • Fill Line
  • Pulse – Hand Pump
  • Venous Pressure Regulator
  • Carrying Case
  • Arterial Fluid (red)
  • Venous Fluid (blue)
  • User’s Guide
  • Responds to Ultrasound
  • Provides realistic soft tissue
  • Includes all necessary anatomical landmarks
  • Includes arterial pulse
  • Has two colors of simulated blood
  • Easy to refill simulated fluid reservoirs
  • Provides three access points
  • Is portable and affordable

Product Code: CLM-51

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