Complete PALS Training Kit Update – LF03635U

  • Complete PALS Training Kit Update – LF03635U 1

This kit allows you to transform your Resusci Baby CPR manikin or any Life/form Infant CRiSis Manikin into the most comprehensive PALS trainer available. Practice IV therapy, umbilical catheterization, airway management, intraosseous infusion, and CPR all on one manikin! An IV arm and leg allow for realistic practice of pediatric venipuncture. The cephalic, basilic, and great saphenous veins are accessible, as well as the dorsal venous arch on the hand and foot. A chest skin with an umbilical cord is also included for practicing proper techniques in umbilical catheterization, as well as umbilical cutting, clamping, and cannulation. Fluid can be aspirated through the umbilicus, making this simulator incredibly lifelike. The airway management head features realistic anatomy and size, and is ideal for practicing airway management skills on an infant.

An intraosseous infusion leg demonstrates and simulates the intraosseous infusion procedure. Visual and tactile realism are combined to provide students with the most realistic training possible. Kit comes complete with Life/form Infant Airway Management Trainer Head (LF03621U), Intraosseous Infusion leg (LF03622U), IV Arm (LF03637U), IV Leg (LF03636U), Umbilical Cannulation Chest Skin (LF03638U; ECG monitoring sites not included), and a hard carrying case. Manikin not included. Three-year warranty. Size: 22″ x 20-1/2″ x 7-1/2″. Resusci Baby is a trademark of Laerdal Medical Corporation.

Product Code: LF03635U.
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