Suprapubic Catheterisation Model – AR341

  • Suprapubic Catheterisation Model – AR341 1
  • Suprapubic Catheterisation Model - AR341


  • Suprapubic catheterisation is becoming an increasingly common alternative to urethral indwelling catheters, and can be undertaken by practitioners and nurses in many healthcare settings
  • Training away from the patient is essential to ensure that practitioners feel confident and competent to carry out the procedure.
  • The suprapubic catheterisation model allows the practitioner to feel the normal pressures exerted by the abdominal wall on catheterisation
  • Allows the practitioner to understand the average length of catheter required to be inserted in order to drain the bladder
  • When the bladder is successfully reached water will flow through the catheter

2 Year Guarantee

  • This model, manufactured by Adam,Rouilly, now comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.
    This guarantee applies to models which have been used correctly and covers durability and functionality.

Product Code: AR341 White, AR341B Black

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