Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm – LF01131U

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An economical venipuncture and injection demonstration arm constructed of soft material with lifelike veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable.

  • No internal tubing exists, but the skin can be punctured repeatedly.
  • No blood to set up, no mess to clean up, and no leaking.
  • May be used in venipuncture practice when fluid return is not essential, and is suitable for allied IV demonstrations and practice (flexion, cleaning, taping)
  • Simulated intramuscular injections can be practiced in the deltoid region
  • The skin and underlying foam may be cut for suturing practice.

This lightweight practice arm provides a more lifelike feel than heavier models on the market, and makes it easier to transport for demonstrations. Inexpensive enough so that each student can have their own arm.

Note: It is recommended that no fluids be injected into this arm.  Size 32″ x 7″ x 7″  Five Year Warranty   1.36 kg

Available in light and dark skin tone

Product code : LF01131U


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