Virtual Patient Monitor – VPM-10

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Our new virtual patient monitor system helps add realism to your simulation training. Instructors are able to create a variety of clinical events during a simulation event to heighten drama and create a high-stakes environment.

The easy-to-use instructor window controls a student view monitor. Instructors can change any of the standard vitals over a desired trend time or even create custom indicators, depending on the simulation. 
The instructor view operates on a standard PC and the student view can be displayed on a connected monitor. TheVirtualPatientMonitor can be coupled with any product to escalate procedure realism.

Virtual Patient Monitor Features and Benefits
  • Easy-to-use controls for quick set up.
  • Standard and customizable vitals for maximum flexibility
  • Create on-the-fly scenarios to easily adjust to student and training needs.
  • Select from preset arrhythmias and conditions for instant access to variable patient conditions.
  • Set trend time for new settings to take effect to increase realism and escalate student immersion.
  • Alarms can sound or be muted.
  • Runs on any standard PC.

Product Code: VPM-10

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