CentraLineMan keeps getting better

Last updated: 18th April, 2016

With Normal, Obese and Advanced Tissues to Expand Your Training

If you haven’t heard yet, CentraLineMan, the world’s most widely used central line trainer, just got better. There are now three replaceable tissue variations that look, feel, ultrasound, catheterize and bleed like real human tissue. 

These normal, obese and advanced tissues offer you an opportunity to assess and train a wider audience; from novices to advanced users. Each tissue fits easily into your CentraLineMan and brings greater value to your existing system, without requiring you to buy a new system.

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Normal Tissue

The CentraLineMan trainer ships with our Normal replaceable tissue. This tissue provides an excellent baseline training experience for the learner. The tissue represents the anatomy and landmarks of a standard patient with their right-side internal jugular vein above their carotid artery. 

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NEW Obese Tissue

This tissue represents a patient with a BMI of +/- 35. The internal jugular and subclavian veins sit approximately 3cm deeper than our normal tissue. The smooth featureless skin surface is devoid of external landmarks, and the clavicle is much deeper making palpation more difficult. 

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NEW Advanced Tissue

This tissue represents a patient with their right-side internal jugular vein buried under their carotid artery.  This tissue complexity represents less than 9% of patients, and will require some advanced-level decision making and technique.

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