Gaumard S1001 – Nursing Care Patient Simulator

Last updated: 08th July, 2020

The new SUSIE S1001 is a wireless and tetherless patient simulator and learning resource package designed to help you deliver the most effective simulation learning experiences (SLEs) possible and ensure learners’ success. SUSIE is ready-for-use out of the box for rapid integration into nursing curricula of all levels.

Perfect for both skills training and clinical simulation experiences.
SUSIE is realistic and completely wireless and tetherless. These great features enable you to deliver competency-building exercises in the skills lab and realistic clinical experiences in nearly all the environments where nursing care takes place.
A Complete Solution Built For Achieving Outcome-Focused Success
Includes 10 Nursing Simulation Learning Experiences (SLEs), a Facilitator’s Guide, and Laptop PC.


  • Pre-programmed and wireless streaming speech
  • Airway supports oral and nasal endotracheal intubation, feeding, suctioning, and tracheostomy care
  • Visible chest rise with BVM ventilation with selectable normal and abnormal lung sounds
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds, rates, and intensities
  • Monitor, capture, pace, and cardiovert using a real defibrillator
  • Bilateral IV access
  • Measurable blood pressure and audible Korotkov sounds
  • Bilateral (automatic) carotid, radial, femoral, and pedal pulses
  • NG/OG intubation and feeding
  • Bowel sounds
  • Patent stoma sites support colostomy and ileostomy care
  • Rectum supports enemas
  • Male/Female catheterisation
  • Basic GYN exam and advanced breast examination
  • Simulation Learning Experiences™ Scenario Package
  • Tongue oedema and Laryngospasm
  • Oesophageal intubation detection and logging
  • Programmable respiratory rate and inspiratory/expiratory ratio
  • Programmable unilateral chest rise and fall
  • Posterior lung sounds
  • Detection of SpO2 monitor probe placement
  • OB/GYN Skills training package supplied as standard
  • UNI software on laptop
  • Transport case

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