HAL® S315.600 – CPR+D Skills Trainer Torso with OMNI® 2

Last updated: 08th May, 2020

HAL® S315.600 is the newest addition to the S315 family of CPR skills trainers.The all-in-one durable design eliminates the need for external pumps, compressors, or attachments making this CPR training torso portable enough for traveling CPR outreach instructors, and strong enough to train professionals in-house.

Easy-to-use, Durable & Portable Hands-On BLS Training
Whether for outreach or professional development, the new HAL S315.600.250 is a great addition to every basic life support training curriculum. Practice assessing breathing, performing quality CPR, delivering a shock, and recognizing return of spontaneous circulation. HAL is the portable, all-in-one training solution for every training need.
Programmable EKG

Illustrate shockable and non-shockable EKG with 20+ preprogrammed rhythms

Intubatable Airway

Perform nasal and oral intubation with standard, real adjuncts

Realistic Chest Rise

Visualize realistic chest rise with BVM ventilation

Spontaneous Chest Rise and Pulse

Identify proper chest rise and pulses without add-on items

Monitor with Real Equipment

Use real AED/defibrillator to monitor programmable EKG

Real Energy Defibrillation

Defibrillate directly on conductive skin patches or pad-free posts with up to 360 joules of real energy from real equipment.

Feedback and Control

See immediate feedback on actions and easily select the appropriate responses

Post-cardiac Arrest

Train to check for the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC)

Debriefing Tools

OMNI® 2 automatically detects and records events for easy debriefing.

Now Available

  • 4-lead ECG: HAL S315.600 Skills Trainer with 4-lead ECG sites, OMNI 2 Controller, carrying case, user manual, and power supply.
  • Full-body option: Enhance skills training and run scenario-based exercises with the full-body configuration.

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