Gaumard Newborn Pedi S109

Introducing Gaumard’s Newborn PEDI S109 – Advanced Neonatal Skills Trainer

Last updated: 16th April, 2020

The Newborn PEDI S109 skills trainer was designed with anatomic resemblance and realistic articulation to aid educators prepare learners for simulation-based education.

The full-term neonate features:

  • Anatomically accurate oral cavity
  • Visible chest rise with assisted ventilation
  • Realistic chest compression and recoil
  • Fontanelle, umbilical, brachial and femoral pulses
  • IV cannulation, umbilical artery catheterization, and IO infusion

Newborn PEDI introduces a new level of realism to neonatal procedural skills training:

  • Airway intubation
  • Resuscitation
  • IV cannulation
  • Umbilical catheterization
  • IO infusion
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Pulse palpation


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The Newborn PEDI offers:

  • Lumbar puncture training
    – Practice lumbar catheterisation, infusion, and sampling
  • Anatomically Accurate Airway
    – Intubatable airway with gums, tongue, epiglottis, glottis and vocal chords
  • Realistic Chest Rise
    – Visualise chest rise with proper positive pressure ventilation
  • IV Cannulation
    – Bolus, infusion and sampling in the hand, scalp and umbilicus
  • Heel Stick
    – Practice heel stick procedures with simulated blood draw
  • Palpable pulses
    – Fontanelle, umbilical, brachial and femoral pulses created by manual bulb


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