New Ultrasound ArteriaLine Trainer from Simulab

Last updated: 31st March, 2020

We are happy to advise that the new Ultrasound ArteriaLine Trainer from Simulab is now available. 

Available as a single trainer or as a training package.

Simulab ArteriaLine TrainerUltrasound ArteriaLine Trainer #ALT-10 Components:

  • Ultrasound ArteriaLine Trainer
  • Wall Power Supply
  • Replaceable Ultrasound Tissue
  • 10 pack of Arteries
  • Arterial Fluid Mixing Bottle
  • Protective Case
  • User Guide

Ultrasound ArteriaLine Training Package #ALTP-10 Components:

  • ALT-10
  • 1 x Additional Ultrasound ArteriaLine Replaceable Tissue
  • 9 x Additional ArteriaLine Replaceable Arteries (10-Pack)

Skill Development:

  • Identify the palpable pulse of the radial artery; puls estrength and BPM fully adjustable
  • Perform radial artery puncture and full catheterization using ultrasound-guided or blind techniques
  • Practice arterial blood gas sampling (ABG)
  • Connect a transducer and patient monitor to display and identify pressure waveforms


  • Realistic resistance of tissue and arterial wall with distinct ‘pop’ of arterial wall during insertion
  • Natural flashback of simulated fluid can be observed
  • Low per student cost; durable replaceable tissue and low-cost replaceable vessels
  • Easy to use self-priming system fills vessels and ensures high-fidelity ultrasound imaging

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Ordering Details:

Ultrasoundable ArteriaLine Trainer code: ALT-10

Ultrasoundable ArteriaLine Training package, code: ALTP-10, provides;

  • Additional ArteriaLine Replaceable Tissue
  • 9 x Additional ArteriaLine Replaceable Arteries (10-Pack)

Trainer Package:


Ultrasound ArteriaLine Trainer includes (1) ALTA-10 and comes pre-loaded with tissue and artery


Ultrasound ArteriaLine Training Package (ALT-10, ALTT-10, (9) ALTA-10, PMP-1009, PMP-1010)


ArteriaLine Replaceable Arteries (10-Pack)


Ultrasound ArteriaLine Replaceable Tissue


System Battery Pack


System Battery Charger


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