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TraumaMan System (TM-4201) Features:

trauma man

  • Includes 3-year maintenance and support agreement and articulating head AHTM-20
  • Replaceable tissues including New Classic Connect Bleeding and Non-Bleeding Chest Tissues, providing each student with a first cut experience.
  • Important anatomical landmarks for each surgical procedure, with anatomically correct insides.
  • Flexible design so instructors can train in an ABC order or teach a single procedure.
  • Easily sets up in any type of facility —from a training room, to a hotel or out in the field. 
  • This surgical torso trainer model simulates Chest Tube Insertion (Otherwise known as Pleural Drain, Thoracic Catheter, Chest Drain, Intercostal Drain or Tube Thoracostomy), Cricothyroidotomy (or Cricothyrotomy), Needle Decompression, Pneumothorax, Tracheostomy, Periocardiocentesis, Diagnostic Perigoneal Lavage (DPL) or Diagnostic Peritoneal Aspiration (DPA), IV Cutdown and more.

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PacerMan (PM-1130)
pacer man

  • Training in high-risk, low-frequency, emergent transvenous pacing – from initial diagnosis to capture
  • Perform ultrasound-guided IJ insertion for full catheterization
  • Works with your own pacing generator and catheter kit
  • Manipulate the pacing generator to achieve successful capture
  • Includes 3 year maintenance and support agreement and 1 additional replaceable tissue


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CentraLineMan System (CLM-51):

An anatomically correct, clinically relevant Central Venous Catheterization training solution that now comes with time-tested, ultrasound compatible tissue variations so life-like you can feel the palpable differences.  Please click here to find out more about CentraLineMan.

FemoraLineMan System (FLM-50):

An incredible training solution for femoral line placement. With the same ultra-realistic tissues properties Simulab is known for, FemoraLineMan allows for real-time ultrasound guidance for catheter placement.  Please click here to find out more about FemoraLineMan.

Deluxe PICCLineMan Training Package with Articulating Head (PLMP-11):

Offers entry level to expert Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Line training using realistic ultrasound imagery and compatible tissue variations so durable and life-like you can feel the palpable differences.  Please click here to find out more about PICCLineMan.


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BVP-20 BOSS Volume Package

A flexible platform for developing basic to advanced suturing skills.  Includes:

  • 10x (BOSS-20) Basic Open Surgical Skills (BOSS) Platform (BOSS-DVD)
  • 10x (SIK-10) Suturing Instrument Kit
  • 12x (BTP-10) Basic Open Surgical Skills Student Tissue Package

BTVP-10 BOSS Volume Package


  • All items in the above BVP-20 BOSS Volume Package


  • 10x (KTB-10) Surgical Knot Tying Board
  • 10x (PTB-10) Peg Transfer Board
  • 10x (SFO-10) Simulated Foam Organ (15 pack)
  • 10-BOSS-DVD

DBVP-20 Deluxe BOSS Volume Package


  • All items in the above BVP-20 BOSS Volume Package


  • 10x (ATT-10) Adjustable Tissue Tray
  • 10x (SCS-10) Subcuticular Suturing Model


TSP-10 Simulab Tissue Suture Pad 

  • Practice suturing skills with lifelike tissue structure molded in various shapes and sizes


SCS-10 Simulab Subcuticular Suturing Model

  • Contains skin and subcutaneous fat. This pad is excellent for practicing subcuticular suturing


ITM-30 Simulab Injectable Tissue Pad

  • The Injectable Tissue Pad contains realistic skin and absorbent foam. It is an excellent simulation for practicing injections


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