True-to-Life Respiratory Care Training With SUPER TORY®

Last updated: 20th March, 2020

Helping Babies Take Their First Breath

Almost one‑fifth of live-born babies in Australia require some form of active resuscitation immediately after birth. Around two‑fifths of those requiring resuscitation received suction or oxygen therapy (41%) and a similar proportion (39%) received ventilatory assistance by intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV) through a bag and mask or via endotracheal intubation. Around 2% of babies who received resuscitation required external cardiac massage and ventilation1.  Delay in recognizing respiratory distress and treating the underlying condition can lead to a lifetime of complications or even death2. Training to identify, diagnose, and treat respiratory conditions quickly is key to improving outcomes.


Training to Make a Difference

Simulation-based training with SUPER TORY® helps teams practice resuscitation and respiratory care protocols in real environments using real equipment. SUPER TORY features programmable lungs that simulate respiratory conditions without the need for intermediary devices, so your staff can practice diagnosing and treating SUPER TORY as they would a real newborn.


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