Certest – Detection of Enterovirus E-11 by qPCR

Products are for Professional/Laboratory use only

Echovirus 11 (E-11) belongs to the genus Enterovirus. Like other enteroviruses, E-11 infections are associated with a wide spectrum of illnesses, ranging from mild non-specific symptoms to systemic disorders such as skin rashes, febrile illnesses and severe neurological disorders, including meningitis, encephalitis and acute flaccid paralysis (AFP).

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CerTest Rapid Test – Respiratory Antigens

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

CerTest Rapid Test diagnostic products are the result of years of experience detecting the presence of antigens with the immunochromatographic lateral flow technique. These devices are designed to provide the best performance in the simplest way and at the lowest associated operational costs. The devices are based on the coloured latex particles. Showing results on bands of different colours facilitates the interpretation of the results.

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