New CE marked ImmunoCAP alpha-Gal

Delayed symptoms such as hives, GI-distress or anaphylaxis after red meat intake may be caused by sensitization to alpha-Gal.*1–3 Until now this type of meat allergy has been difficult to diagnose. The new ImmunoCAP® allergen component test can help rule in/out alpha-Gal induced red meat allergy and assist in developing a management plan for improved well-being. 

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New ImmunoCAP Directions for Use

ImmunoCAP ECP measures the level of eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) in serum. A high level of serum ECP indicates inflammation, which is a risk factor for asthmatic patients. Measuring ECP in a serum sample is an objective and direct way of estimating the severity of airway inflammation and following the course of disease in asthmatic patients.
 The clinical importance of ImmunoCAP ECP serum measurements in asthma is to monitor inflammation in asthma, to guide corticosteroid treatment in asthma and to find non-compliant patients.

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