IBL dsDNA Ab RIA assay

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

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IBL dsDNA antibody RIA is available exclusively from Abacus dx.

The FARR assay remains a standard for serological diagnosis and management of SLE (ACR criteria):

  • FARR RIA offers a high level of diagnostic performance (specificity/ sensitivity) for SLE
  • dsDNA antibody titer detected by Farr RIA has a high correlation with disease activity
  • FARR RIA is used for the identification of patients with SLE and monitoring of therapy and development of disease.

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Assay Features

  • Radio immunoassay (100 determinations)
  • Calibrated against international standard Wo/80
  • Quantitative result evaluation (standards A – F; cut-off: 7 IU/mL)
  • Kit controls included
  • High diagnostic sensitivity and specificity
  • Total assay time less than 2 hours
  • Extended shelf life of 12 weeks
  • Excellent correlation with Amerlex/Trinity Farr RIA


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IBL dsDNA Ab RIA assay – IBRE19011

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