Our History

Abacus dx has over 50 years experience providing high quality products to meet the specialist needs of our customers.

Below is a timeline of our key milestones:

1966    ALS founded by Dr John Sullivan, based in Sydney

1995    ALS NZ founded, based in Auckland

1998    Abacus Diagnostics founded by Bruce Evans, based in Brisbane

2007    Abacus Diagnostics and ALS merge to form Abacus ALS

2010    Abacus ALS awarded Telstra Queensland Business of the Year

2012    Abacus ALS acquires Laboratory Scientific Equipment (LSE)

2012    Diagnostic Solutions joined the Diploma Healthcare Group

2013    Abacus ALS awarded Corporate Philanthropist of the Year

2014    Abacus ALS acquires Scientific Educational Supplies (SES)

2016    Abacus ALS celebrates 50 year anniversary

2017    Abacus ALS joined the Diploma Healthcare Group

2017    Abacus dx formed

2021    Abacus dx acquires Biospecifix

You can find out more about Abacus dx by visiting the Company News section of our new blog.