Phadia 2500 Made to Maximise

Last updated: 25th June, 2024

Phadia 2500+, capacity and productivity that meet the growing demands for laboratories to aid in diagnosing allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Clinical needs for allergic and autoimmune disease diagnosis are growing every year. The accelerating incidence1,2,3 is putting new pressure on diagnostic laboratories. The Phadia 2500+ group of instruments* provides the throughput to meet these demands with reliable and accurate results.

Two process lines run parallel to maximise throughput while maintaining the highest quality. The three configuration options allow you to order your instrument to fit your assay needs, whether for ImmunoCAP™ only, EliA™ only, or both simultaneously.

Phadia 2500+ delivers quantitative results for clinically relevant antibodies, giving you confidence in your analytical results and aiding the clinical diagnosis without reruns.

The efficiency of Phadia 2500

Maximise your productivity and reduce costs by running large volumes of diagnostic allergy and autoimmunity tests in parallel on Phadia 2500+, or double the capacity for either ImmunoCAP or EliA by choosing an instrument configuration with two processing lines that run the same test type. Tests for every patient can be run from a single sample tube. Reagents and tests are stored onboard, and calibration curves are shared across multiple runs and can be used for 28 days. The automatic rinse and shutdown of the instrument at the end of the day and the possibility to set an automated start-up in the morning maximise workflow efficiency.

  • Secure up to 480 results per hour for ImmunoCAP and up to 300 results
    per hour for EliA
  • Provide 10,000 or more test results each week to waiting clinicians and patients
  • Use curve controls during runs to support monthly calibration

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