Automated solution for measurement of TRAcP 5b in renal patients

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

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TRAcP is an enzyme that is released from active osteoclasts, macrophages and dendritic cells1.  There are two isoforms found in circulation; 5a is released from macrophages and dendritic cells whereas the 5b form is specific to active osteoclasts.

Relative to other bone resorption markers, circulating levels of TRAcP 5b display limited diurnal variation2 and are unaffected by the fasting status of the patient, allowing the sample collection to be taken at any time of day.

As TRAcP 5b is cleared from circulation by the liver3, kidney function has no effect on serum TRAcP 5b levels2,4; thereby making this a potentially useful marker in patients with impaired renal function.

Clinical Value

  • Only automated solution for measurement of TRAcP 5b in patient sera
  • Only marker reflecting bone degradation suitable for use with renal patients
  • Excellent sensitivity and reproducible results – providing a useful tool in therapy monitoring
  • A complete clinical assay panel supporting bone disease management

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