Bone Turnover Markers from IDS

Last updated: 20th July, 2020

Abacus dx would like to update you with the range of bone turnover markers available from IDS.

Throughout life, old bone is constantly removed (resorption) and replaced by new bone (formation). This continual process is essential for the maintenance of healthy bone mass and micro-architecture. The IDS complete bone offering provides the tools for research and routine clinical laboratories, to provide highly accurate and reliable results.

Alpha CrossLaps® (CTX-I) ELISA

  • Supports clinical assessment in pathological high bone turnover
  • A complete assay panel supporting bone disease management


  • Enzymeimmunoassay for the quantitative determination of Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase 5b
  • Derived exclusively from bone-resorbing osteoclasts
  • Low diurnal variation

N-MID® Osteocalcin ELISA

  • The N-MID® Osteocalcin ELISA recognises both intact and large N-Mid® osteocalcin fragments with equal affinity
  • N-MID® Osteocalcin ELISA measuring total osteocalcin is more stable and reproducible than assays measuring intact osteocalcin only

Ostase®+ BAP EIA

  • Fast turnaround time – results in approximately half the time of other manual assays. (1h 15 mins. total incubation with <30 mins. hands-on time)
  • Measures bone specific alkaline phosphatase (BAP) with low interference from other alkaline phosphatase isoforms

Serum CrossLaps® (CTX-I) ELISA

  • Prediction of long-term skeletal response to anti-resorptive therapies, e.g. HRT, bisphosphonates
  • A reference marker for osteoporosis management as indicated by IOF, IFCC and NBHA

Urine CrossLaps® (CTX-I) EIA

  • Management of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
  • Assessment of Bone Resorption in patients

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