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Last updated: 10th April, 2024


VALIDATE® Hemostatsis Linearity and Calibration Verification Test Kits for Clinical Analysers

VALIDATE Hemostsis linearity and calibration verification kits provide a solution for regulatory requirements, particularly for low fibrinogen calibration curve <1.0g/L.



Typical recovered values for Level 1 and Level 5 are presented in the table provided. Typical values for mid-levels are based on an equal distance (delta) between levels.

904se Lot #: 94AN027210
Analyte SI Units Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Fibrinogen g/L 0.099 0.183 0.266 0.350 0.433

Fibrinogen Calibration Verification / Linearity Test Kit solutions are assayed quality control materials intended for in vitro diagnostic use in the quantitative determination of linearity, calibration verification and verification of reportable range for Fibrinogen.

VALIDATE Hemostasis is available for DDimer, Fibrinogen and Heparin Anti-Xa with instrument specific kits for ACL TOP, Siemens Sysmex and Stago STA from Maine Standards, USA.

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Visit VALIDATE® PRODUCTS (mainestandards.com) to view the multiple range coverages for each analyte and use the Analyser Search Tool to identify the recommended products for your specific analysers.

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