Immunostep ExoStep Kits – For Detection and Characterisation of Exosomes

Last updated: 27th April, 2023

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Exosomes have recently emerged as a new source of potential non-invasive biomarkers of several diseases, since they can be easily obtained from body fluids such as urine, blood, saliva, or breastmilk and their composition may be directly dependent on the physiological and/or pathological state of the patient.

Our friends at Immunostep specialise in exosomes detection, characterisation and enumeration and can provide for you high quality kits and components for your exosome assays.

ExoStep™ Kit

The most accurate method of Exosome detection developed to date.

ExoStep kit is a superior alternative for the sensitive detection of exosomes compared with the most commonly used methods The assay is easy to implement and analyse for any laboratory that has access to a conventional flow cytometer.

Specific and unambiguous exosome detection in biological fluids by flow cytometry

ExoStep kit is an immunobead assay for the detection of exosomes using a bead-bound capture antibody and fluorochrome conjugated detection antibody. This kit provides reproducible results and is intended for flow cytometry analysis of pre-enriched human exosomes from biofluids (plasma, serum, urine, among others) or cell culture media.

Bead-based Assays for Flow cytometry

ExoStep  Kit for the detection and characterization of exosomes by flow cytometry is composed of an exosome capture reagent consisting of 6 µm diameter magnetic beads coated with a specific antibody as solid support detectable by the cytometer. Additionally, the capture beads are dyed red and fluorescently labelled which facilitate their detection in the fluorescent detector of a conventional flow cytometer. ExoStep contains a detector ab fluorescent conjugated for exosome detection.

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