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Last updated: 30th April, 2024


ESM-1 is a unique biomarker of vascular endothelial activation and dysfunction in several pathological conditions. The product is used for research in for example sepsis, cancer, obesity and preeclampsia.


Endothelial cell-specific molecule 1 (ESM-1) is a unique and pertinent biomarker of vascular endothelial activation/dysfunction in diseases. The variation of blood levels of ESM-1 may reflect endothelial dysfunction in several pathological conditions, including sepsis, cancer, dengue fever and obesity1.

Higher ESM-1 levels are also found in relation to occurrence of preeclampsia in pregnancy3-6. Moreover, ESM-1 levels are significantly lower in pregnant women that develop severe early-onset preeclampsia at week 12 of gestation2. This is the first indication that ESM-1 could be a possible early biomarker to assess the risk of developing preeclampsia later on in pregnancy.

Early assessment of the risk for preeclampsia can provide an opportunity for accurate management during pregnancy to limit harm to the unborn child.

Product Specifications

Pregnostic®-PE IIp (product code IQP-304) contains all components required for quantification of human ESM-1 in cell culture supernatants or EDTA plasma.

This human Pregnostic-PE IIp ELISA Kit uses the robust and well-described quantitative sandwich immunoassay technique. Our ESM-1 ELISA is to be used for research use only.

Pregnostic-PE IIp Key Features:

  • Complete ELISA Kit
  • Rapid assay, takes less than 5 hours less than 1-hour hands-on-time
  • Standardised and quantitative
  • Quantification of the ESM-1 in plasma or in EDTA or in human cell culture supernatants
  • Ready to use assay
  • For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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1 Sarrazin et al. (2010) J. Cancer Sci. Ther. 2: 47-52
2 Schuitemaker et al. Pregnancy Hypertension (2018); 12: 58-64

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