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Last updated: 14th July, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

The volume of a Foeto-maternal haemorrhage (FMH) is an important calculation. The amount of therapeutic Rh(D) gamma globulin administered to the mother is determined by the results. For most accurate and precise FMH estimations, the current best practice employs Flow Cytometry. The QuikQuant Kit from IQ Products is designed for Flow Cytometry assays and combines anti-HbF to isolate and enumerate foetal cells and Propidium Iodide to isolate and exclude leucocytes from the calculation.

QuikQuant is an IVD kit and readily satisfies regulatory requirements for diagnostic laboratory testing. In combination with FetalTrol control cells, QuikQuant is your solution to accurate and precise FMH estimations.

(FetalTrol is a tri-level quantitative cellular control for FMH assays and is purchased separately)

QuikQuant can be used to estimate the number/%/volume of foetal cells in clinical scenarios other than for the provision of anti-Rh(D) gamma globulin, including estimation of FMH in mothers of any Rh group in trauma to assess foetal health, and umbilical vein samples to monitor the course of inter-uterine transfusion.





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