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Last updated: 18th May, 2022

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Immunostep are providers of high-quality Flow Cytometry Products, manufacturing a wide range of antibody specificities and choices of fluorochromes. Immunostep are specialists in investigating microparticles and extracellular vesicles (EVs) and have developed innovative products and services to assist and support you. 

Lyophilised Exosome Standards

Lyophilised exosome standards are easy to transport and store and are stable for over 2 years at 2°C to 8°C.  Immunostep provides the highest quality lyophilised exosome standards isolated from a variety of biological sources, including cell culture supernatant, human plasma, serum, urine, and saliva. Exosomes are isolated by differential ultracentrifugation.


Relationship between background noise and specific signal at different exosome concentrations. Exosomes were captured by CD63+ (Clone TEA3/18) capture beads and subsequently detected by Anti-CD9PE (Clone VJ1/20).


High Purity / Stable / Validated

Highly purified exosomes

  • Providing better performance over competitors.

Guaranteed stability

  • Thanks to exclusive lyophilisation procedure.

Purity exhaustively validated

  • By WB, NTA, Cytometry and functional assays in vitro.
  • Tested and validated application in regenerative medicine, dermatological and pharma research.

Immunostep lyophilised exosomes can be used as control standards for FACS, WB, ELISA and other applications, as well as quantitative calibration standards for exosomes in biological samples and for immunocapture assay performance evaluation.

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