H. pylori Stool-Antigen Immunoassays to fit your testing requirements

Last updated: 02nd February, 2022

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

Savyon Diagnostics is now offering two assays for detection of H. pylori active infection. The CoproELISA™ H. pylori test which allows manual or automatic high throughput testing within 75 minutes and the CoproStrip™ H. pylori rapid test which offers simple, one-step testing within 10 minutes.

Both tests are based on the detection of a unique H. pylori antigen from the faeces of symptomatic patients.

Current consensus guidelines* recommend testing H. pylori active infection by stool antigen immunoassays such as the CoproStrip™ and CoproELISA™ H. pylori.

CoproELISA™ H. pylori

  • Accurate (>95% sensitivity & specificity)
  • Flexible (1-96 samples /run)
  • Short & Simple Protocol
  • Manual or Automation Procedures
  • Affordable

CoproStrip™ H. pylori

  • Rapid (10 min)
  • Accurate (>95% sensitivity & specificity)
  • User friendly
  • Only one minute of set-up
  • Affordable

Discover CoproELISA™ H. pylori and CoproStrip™ H. pylori

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