New AMPLIRUN® Monkeypox Virus DNA Control

Last updated: 23rd June, 2023

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

New molecular control, now available for ordering!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new AMPLIRUN that contains the purified DNA of Monkeypox virus to be used as a control in nucleic acid amplification-based research techniques.

Product code: VCMBC146R


Regulatory Status: Research Use Only – RUO

Kit Contents

  • VIRCELL MPXV DNA CONTROL: 1 vial with lyophilized DNA of Monkeypox virus, West African clade, from a Spanish clinical isolate (10,000-20,000 copies/μl once reconstituted). DNA quantification performed by real-time PCR.
  • VIRCELL CONTROL RECONSTITUTION SOLUTION: 500 μl of molecular biology grade water, DNase, RNase free.

Product Applications

  • Quality assurance of the amplification testing.
  • Limit of detection and assay specificity.
  • Lot-to-lot verification assay.
  • Development, optimization, and validation of new assays.
  • Training and trial purposes.
  • Regulatory requirements and accreditation compliance.

Storage Requirements and Shelf Life

  • No special transportation conditions are required.
  • The vial is to be kept lyophilized at 2-8°C inside the foil pouch.
  • Once opened, immediately reconstitute and store at -20°C       

AMPLIRUN Monkeypox Virus DNA Control Product Insert Sheet

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Available for Research Use Only in Australia.

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