New LGC AccuPlex Flu A/B and RSV

Last updated: 17th November, 2021

Products are for professional/laboratory use only.

AccuPlex™ offers quality solutions with targets for influenza A/B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). These full-process quality solutions are designed to challenge the entire molecular test procedure from extraction to detection, ensuring clinical laboratories can have confidence in their assay results.

AccuPlex Reference Material and Molecular Controls Kits are designed to measure day-to-day performance of the assay, providing both a positive and negative reference solution.

AccuPlex Verification Panels are optimized for assay verification at installation by documenting test performance along the assay’s range, enabling laboratories to establish lower limits of detection, perform assay comparisons, and evaluate staff proficiency.

Flu A/B and RSV


Product Description

Material Numbers

Pack Size



AccuPlex Flu A/B and RSV Verification Panel



Positive 1      1 x 3 mL

Positive 2     1 x 3 mL

Positive 3     1 x 3 mL

Negative        1  x 3 mL

100,000 copies/mL

10,000 copies/mL

1,000 copies/mL

5,000 copies/mL (RNase P)

AccuPlex Flu A/B and RSV Reference Material Kit



Positive      5 x 1.5 mL

Negative    5 x 1.5 mL

5,000 copies/mL

5,000 copies/mL (RNase P)

Not for In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Research Use Only.

Sequence Coverage:


Genbank Accession #

Strain Information

Regions Included

Influenza A

KU933490 – KU933497


Full Genome

Influenza B

CY236601.1 – CY236608.1


Full Genome






Subtype A



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